Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Big Pink - Future This (4AD)

Most of the bad things said about The Big Pink are said in reference to their breakthrough hit ‘Dominos’, an infuriatingly catchy song which we now know was written in cahoots with a well known pizza chain in order to subliminally brainwash the minds of students. But, no matter what you say about the London duo, at least they have a ‘sound’ that they can call their own. 

This ‘sound’ is one founded on a bombastic chorus, faux-futuristic guitars and a big, thumping beat. In shampooing terms, it is washed, rinsed and repeated on their second album Future This. 

Opener ‘Stay Gold’ satisfies as a more tolerable version of the aforementioned ‘Dominos’, while ‘Rubbernecking’ exemplifies their characteristic use of a juvenile vocal propelled by a heavily processed drum effect. Let it be known that, for better or worse, subtle is not a word that exists in The Big Pink dictionary. 

On ‘Give It Up’ there’s some evidence of the hip-hop direction that lead-singer Milo Cordell alluded to in interviews, but the influence is most obviously borne out in the extra beef put behind the album’s notable production. Indeed, the gargantuan effects on ‘1313’, a heartfelt ballad about waking up and then going back to bed, are certainly a treat for the ears, should they be listened to on good enough speakers or earphones. 

As on the latter song and album closer ‘77’, the band appear more palatable when they inject an earnest lyric or two into the mix, to counteract the sheer clout of their techno rock orgy. (Yet, it has to be said, The Big Pink are no wordsmiths). 

Essentially, Future This won’t disappoint those who enjoyed The Big Pink’s debut. It will, however, also vindicate those who never claimed to like them in the first place.

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